Salih Bezci Konutu

Salih Bezci Konutu


Durumu: Devam Ediyor

Lokasyon: Ankara

In addition to these main design parameters affecting the character and life of the buildings, our client had also special requests. The main ones of these requests are as follow;

  • to have no significant level differences in the buildings,
  • to have similar architectural characteristics for both buildings that complement each other,
  • to position the libraries close to bedrooms,
  • to not cut off the connection between the main view and the main living quarters at both buildings
  • to have no structural connection between the buildings, to allow a transition from only one point on the landscaping area, by any structural or botanical landscape items, to create large grass areas,
  • to create a workspace having a separate entrance from the main entrance within the building A
  • to create a closed playground where the grandchildren will play as close to this workspace and the main guest room,
  • to position the helpmate’s room and the laundry room close to the bedrooms in building A,
  • to make the changing room very large located in the bedroom in building A, to design seperate toilets, showers and sinks for husband and wife in the bathroom,
  • to create reserve areas on the basement floor of building A that will allow both mechanical and living areas to expand so that it can respond to changing needs over time

Sequential Form Formation Diagrams

  1. Integration of the basic form
  2. Fragmentation of the form and land
  3. Cascading of topography
  4. Formation of the mass for spatial and functional possibilities
  5. Integration of reflecting pools into the form
  6. Integration of courtyards into the form
  7. Formation of eaves by mass movement
  8. Installation of high trees to prevent from prevailing wind